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EDM.com Spotlight

Stonebank returns to Hard Dance roots with “Ripped To Pieces” [LISTEN]

Renowned UK producer Stonebank has returned to Monstercat with his latest single “Ripped To Pieces” and man, it did not disappoint.

While Stonebank has released a number of tracks varying in genre over the last year, “Ripped To Pieces” is a glorious return to his Hard Dance roots. With the help of singer and frequent collaborator, Emel, the tracks begins with a driving beat that eventually gives way to a mellow piano riff paired with Emel’s soothing but powerful voice. The track proceeds to have a rotation between driving drops and chill, vocal driven build ups.

One of the aspects that I appreciate about Stonebank is his ability to give vocal collaborators room to melodically drive the song and accompany those vocals with a pristine arrangement underneath. Stonebank has a great feel for dynamics and this can easily be heard in many of his tracks. That is definitely the case in “Ripped To Pieces”.

There are portions of the track where he allows Emel to carry the melody while he lays a chill, but building arrangement to bring the track back to his hallmark Hard Dance sound. He finds a great balance between having mellow and driving sections for this song that tie in together so beautifully. Even though the dynamic changes at times, the listener never gets bored with the track and there is a constant element of excitement that runs throughout the song.

As someone that produces music, I have a lot of respect for Stonebank and how he creates his tracks. In a world that is currently filled with future bass riffs and trap beats, it’s nice to hear a producer with a distinct style do what they do best and stand out from the crowd. While Hard Dance isn’t a genre that has necessarily gone “mainstream” in the US, I feel like producers like Stonebank could help breathe life into the scene from across the pond and if that happens, you can definitely point to “Ripped To Pieces” as one of the tracks that helped lead the way.