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EDM.com Spotlight

Justice returns to Ultra Music Festival with New Live Show [STREAM]

With the release of their latest album, Woman last November, Justice looks to be hitting the road to promote their latest effort.

Known for their leather jacket wearing, Marshall amp prop using rock aesthetic, Justice has always stood out amongst their electronic peers. They are a group that wears their influence on their sleeve and it is clearly reflected in their live shows.

While they have done a number of DJ sets since the release of their latest album, Justice has not unveiled their new live show until recently. The group performed at Mexico’s Vive Latino festival last week and displayed their updated live show for the first time. For their latest set up, they’ve made some modifications to their signature arena rock style rig. Below you can see a picture and performance video during their show with the new set up. In the photo, you can clearly see that the Marshall Amps are used as part of the light show that sync together with the stage riser that the group is using.

We also get a glimpse of what the band plans on doing with their live show in the clip taken from their performance of “ALAKAZAM!” at the festival. While it may not be the most detailed peak into what Justice is planning for their entire show, fans won’t have to wait for an answer much longer. Justice will be headlining the live stage of the Ultra Music Festival tonight and we will be sharing the link to the live stream at the bottom of this article.

Their performance is scheduled to start at 10, so set a reminder if you don’t want to miss their performance! I’m sure that fans of the group and casual viewers alike will be captivated by the group’s new show and we all look forward to seeing what the cross bearing duo has in store for us tonight.