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EDM.com Spotlight

Porter Robinson Demos from 2011-2014 have Leaked on Reddit

Since 2014, Porter Robinson has been the staple artist for a unique electronic music experience incomparable to any other. Fans all over the world jump at any mention of this young stars name, hopeful to be blessed with some new tunes. Well fans, you're in for a treat but it's not quite the one you've been asking for.

A Porter Robinson server that held old material from around the time of the Worlds release was recently hacked and released on Reddit. But don’t get too excited, these Porter songs are out but they were never meant for release. These tracks do not in any way show the direction or progress that Porter plans to make with the next steps of his career. Porter’s managers have released the following statement:

“Recently, a server was hacked which contained Porter Robinson demos from the years 2011-2014, as well as some more recent live show related music files.The leak contains nothing that Porter is currently working on, nor anything that was planned for future release. The leaked music represents very old demos / ideas that Porter never intended to release at any time.”

These demo and sample releases can be found on the Reddit “xTrill” community. So at least while we patiently wait to see what’s up next for this mega-talented star, we have some material to hold us over. And who doesn’t love a little dose of Porter throwback nostalgia?

Photo courtesy of Billboard.