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Tomorrowland Secures Second Weekend Until 2033

The biggest dance music festival in the world, aka Tomorrowland, just got a whole lot bigger.

ID&T Belgium and SFX Entertainment (the organizers of the festival) have signed an agreement with the province of Antwerp, in the City of Boom, Belgium, home of the annual festival, permitting it to continue for a second weekend every year from now until 2033.

The mayor of Boom, Mayor Jeroen Baert seems to take the contract very seriously, noting that it will be reviewed and evaluated annually to assure Tomorrowland meets and stays within the conditions of the contract. As reported by Dutch publication,HLN, If the contract is broken it has the potential to be completely terminated by the following year. Mayor Baert also states that the festival itself may not even be around by 2033, and that’s true. The American spinoff of the festival, Tomorrowworld, held in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia was shut down indefinitely after just its third year, due to inclement weather and Tomorrowland Brazil only lasted two years due to the country’s economic instability (though Tomorrowland Brazil is planned to be returning in 2018).

Tomorrowland Belgium began in 2005 in the city of Boom, exactly where it’s held to this day. Nine thousand people attended. Since 2011, 180,000 people have attended the annual gathering of tomorrow, with tickets selling out faster and faster every year (in 2016 tickets sold out in forty minutes). Despite hiccups with spin off festivals, the organization surely means to adhere to their new contract and keep the main festival going until at least 2033. With tickets selling that quickly and that consistently, it’s hard to imagine them slowing down anytime soon.

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