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The Chainsmokers Release New Single, “The One” Ahead of Album Release

It would be a huge understatement to say that The Chainsmokers have been on a roll recently. Releasing two other singles in 2017 already (one of them featuring Coldplay) as well as several more towards the end of 2016, “The One,” comes to us with a mighty sigh of relief as this track holds itself back and shows just exactly where Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are taking their widely popular music.

“The One,” conforms to what is expected from the duo at this point except it comes with a twist. As you start to listen, you’ll hear swooning vocals with the bare accompaniment of a piano and you can only wonder, will they just call themselves pop artists in the near future and leave the electronic genre entirely? As the vocals subside, we start to get a very minimalistic, yet pleasant breakdown, which is becoming the norm for The Chainsmokers, that then fades away in a calm decrescendo leaving the track at a running time of 3 minutes. It can be said without a doubt, that they have reached beyond their initial fan base with tracks such as, “The Rookie,” and of course the ever-thumping, “#SELFIE,” and have decided to reach out to the entire populous of pop music enthusiasts. To ask where they are going, you need to ask where have they been? Only time will tell but it is a certainty that their fans will follow.

Be sure to check out The Chainsmokers’ debut album, Memories… Do Not Open as it releases on April 7th and will include tracks such as, “Paris,” “Something Just Like This,” and of course, “The One.” The Chainsmokers will be on tour throughout the summer.

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