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EDM.com Spotlight

Ultra Music Festival Cuts Arrests and Medical Calls by Almost 50%

Since it’s start in March of 1999, Ultra Music Festival in Miami has been the greatest weekend escape for travelers and lovers of electronic music from all over the world. This kind of festival brings all different kinds of people, and also unfortunately all kinds of drugs. Fortunately, the arrest rate for this giant festival has been steadily decreasing since 2013, and this year’s festival proves even more that guests are headed the right direction.

Out of the 150,000 attendees, 100% were singing and dancing, 100% were having a great time, but only about 0.02% were in handcuffs with the Miami Police Department. That’s right, out of the hundreds of thousands of ravers, there were only around 35 arrests made throughout the entire three-day event, according to the Miami Herald. Along with the drop in arrest rates also came a drop in medical emergencies and transports to emergency rooms. Miami Fire Rescue Captain Ignatuis Carroll commented saying "This year people were definitely following advice..." by being smart, staying hydrated, and laying off the drugs.

Only 59 guests total were transported to area hospitals from the event this year. This decrease in both arrests and emergencies may be a result of the raised age limit. Now, unlike previous years, guests must be at least 18 years or older to attend the event. In the past years, there was no age limit to attend this world class music festival. But, after the death of a festival attendee and the near death of a security guard in 2014, this festival and it’s guests have been in tip-top behavior. We hope to see this trend continue to decrease with each future Miami Music week, assuring a safe, smart, and successful festival for all of the ravers to come.

Photo courtesy of Ultra Music Festival.

H/T: The Miami Herald