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EDM.com Spotlight

Barely Alive Takes On Snails And Pegboard Nerds With A Monstrous Remix

Snails and Pegboard Nerds have tapped production duo Barely Alive for an official remix of their collaboration "Deep In The Night" this week. The song was originally released last September, and Barely Alive have provided a fresh facelift packed with more than its fair share of hard hitting bass.

"Deep In The Night" was a bass heavy banger in its original form, blending punchy beats, pitch shifted sirens and croaking sound design courtesy of vomitstep mastermind Snails. But that doesn't stop Barely Alive from upping the ante with their rendition, which surpasses the source material in terms of floor shaking heaviness.

Throughout their remix, Barely Alive employ top notch synth work and choppy vocal riffs, pushed along by a series of rolling drum hits. The drops feature an impressive array of bass sounds, ranging from metallic growls to cacophonous plucks. The result is a visceral exercise in unrestrained rhythm and intricate bass design that is sure to get the blood pumping.

Check out Barely Alive's "Deep In The Night" remix below.