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Gorillaz Live Show to Return to North America this Summer

The Gorillaz are a unique group for many reasons.

The virtual band created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have explored various forms of media since their inception, but the one aspect about the band that has always stood out amongst the rest is their live show.

To sum up a live performance in one word, it would have to be, unpredictable. The project has done everything from a live band accompanied by theater sized projectors to the virtual band owning the stage with no humans in sight. Nevertheless, fans should embrace the sporadic nature of the band and judging by their flair for the theatrics, they should expect the new live show to be nothing short of spectacular.

Speaking of live show, the band will make their long awaited return to this side of the Atlantic this summer at Festival d'été de Québec (Quebec City Summer Festival). The performance is scheduled to be on July 15th at 9:30 PM EST. This of course follows the news of the Gorillaz newest album, Humanz, being released April 28th on Parlophone Records and hosting their own festival called Demon Daze in the UK on June 10th.

While American fans were hoping for some shows in the states this summer, the fact that the group have committed to doing at least one show across the pond should be an encouraging sign for more North American shows in the near future. With all of this recent news surrounding the band, it’s hard to see them going back into hibernation any time soon. I will speak for all Gorillaz fans when I say that we’re eager to see what the band has to offer with their latest effort in Humanz and what the album to will do alter their enigma of a live show. Stay tuned, Gorillaz fans. I’m sure there’s plenty of news still to come!

H/T: Consequence of Sound