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EDM.com Spotlight

Imagine Festival’s New 4K After Movie Has us Itching for a 2017 Lineup

With Ultra Music Festival Miami and Beyond Wonderland in San Bernadino last weekend, festival season is officially upon us, and with that come the after movies from last years’ festivals to get us stoked for the shows ahead. Imagine Festival just released their 4K after movie yesterday and it does a great job showcasing exactly why people should go.

45,000 people gathered at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, fifteen miles south of Atlanta, Georgia last year to celebrate art, culture and most importantly music. The video highlights the experiences at the festival, from multiple stages for music, to workshops, classes, performance arts and camping, with a playground no smaller than 887 acres.

Imagine will be returning to the Atlanta speedway in 2017 from September 22-24. Festival founders Glenn and Madeleine Goodhand said that they felt humbled by the amount of growth with the 2016 festival, their first year at the speedway, and further note that, “there is endless potential and we look forward to growing as a festival.” That’s a good thing too, because even though 45,000 people attended the festival last year, the speedway has a capacity of over 100,000.

For more info about Imagine Festival go to imaginefestival.com. There’s no lineup for this year just yet, but until then, enjoy the after movie.

Cover image courtesy of Imagine Music Festival