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EDM.com Spotlight

Bassnectar Throws More Fire With Dirtyphonics and Ragga Twins [LISTEN]

Bassnectar comes out with another heart-pounding single following his addictive remix of Buku’s single, “Front to Back” and his eclectic collaboration with ATLiens on “Interlock.”

Watch Out” features the bass heavy and busy drops from Dirtyphonics and the eccentric vocals from the Ragga Twins that Skrillex has utilized in the past, mixed with the grimey grooves of Bassnectar.

Dirtyphonics and Bassnectar have had this song in the works for about 5 years foregoing different stages and versions of the song. Finally the group decided to include the ragga twins and the path to finish the song became clear. Bassnectar, Dirtyphonics, and the Ragga Twins are very happy to finally see their long time project go out to their fans.

The single is certainly a different path than Bassnectar usually follows, he shows more of a EDM and trap background. Time will show if this turns out to be one of his breakthroughs into a new time of his career as his 2014 album “Noise vs Beauty” and his most recent “Unlimited” have been.

Dirtyphonics similarly have had a few singles and EP’s recently like their “Night Ride EP” and “Holy Sh!t” that have propelled them into a new space in the EDM industry. Dirtyphonics collectively state,“WE DON’T FOLLOW RULES, WE CREATE THEM”, and they definitely have proved this with their most recent releases.