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EDM.com Spotlight

Caspa Drops A Trippy Video For New Single "Get Higher"

Dubstep originator Caspa is back with a fresh bass heavy offering this weekend with the release of his new single "Get Higher." The UK producer is back with a vengeance on the new release, which sees him dropping a standout track that will rattle your subwoofers.

Musically, "Get Higher" strikes a balance between reviving the dubstep sounds of old and pushing the genre forward with news ideas. The new tune kicks off with cavernous drums and an ethereal vocal sample. Caspa punctuates the drifty intro with a sustained screech, leading into a powerful drop complete with stop start rhythms and head twisting sound design.

In conjunction with the new single, Caspa teamed up with Video Content Factory to release a music video for "Get Higher." The visuals are psychedelic and a bit indecipherable, pairing up perfectly with the music's hallucination inducing sound.

Caspa's latest release arrives as a strong offering from the producer and is the perfect way to bass boost your weekend.

Check out the "Get Higher" video below.