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Listen To Wiz Khalifa Rapping Over The Chainsmokers' "Closer"

"Closer" fever has finally begun winding down, with the song losing its 27 week stronghold on the charts this week, but it looks like Wiz Khalifa is hoping to keep it in the limelight a little longer. The rapper dropped an impromptu cover of The Chainsmokers' catchy single during his slot at Okechobee Festival yesterday and now he's shared a video of the performance on social media.

In the video, we hear Khalifa offering up a fresh set of rhymes over the familiar future bass backdrop of "Closer." As the song moves into the chorus, the rapper subverts the lyrics to fit his own direction before the video comes to an abrupt close at just 42 seconds in. It's a brief clip, but it's sure to have fans excited anyways.

Naturally, the performance teases the possibility of an official edit of "Closer" featuring Wiz Khalifa's rapping. Considering The Chainsmokers' penchant for collaborating with as many A-list musicians as possible, it wouldn't be too surprising to see them link up with the rapper, though at this point it's pure speculation.

Check out some footage of Wiz Khalifa rapping over "Closer" below.

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