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Eric Prydz Event Gets Shut Down Before It Even Begins

Eric Prdyz was set to hold down a massive event in Brooklyn over the weekend, with the legendary DJ scheduled to hit the stage with a four hour set at Depot 52. While fans turned out in droves for the sold out event, the local Fire Marshall apparently had other plans, as they cancelled the concert before it could even begin.

With the concert cancelled, many fans were left to gather in the streets outside Depot 52, as a number of them had already traveled to the venue by the time word got out about the shut down. Fans were left angry and confused by the cancellation, with many taking to social media to air their grievances over the night's failures.

Following the cancellation, Prydz took to Twitter to warn fans not to travel to the venue, but for many the warning arrived too late.

At this point, authorities have yet to issue an official response explaining why the concert was cancelled at the last minute, leaving would-have-been concert goers in the dark.Concert promotor Teksupport has announced that customers will be updated on Monday with information regarding refunds.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut