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EDM.com Spotlight

Smirnoff Wants to Get More Women on the Main Stage with "Equalizing Music" Initiative

In an effort to increase the visibility of women in electronic music, Smirnoff is launching a new "Equalizing Music" initiative to get more women on the main stage.

This initiative comes to light on International Women's Day, a day to recognize the achievements of women worldwide. Referencing a study originally published on Thump, women made up only 17% of headliners at music festivals in 2016. Considering that the roots of electronic music are founded in racial and gender equality, electronic music has a long way to go until it truly can be considered the inclusive genre that it is often painted as.

Teaming up with Thump, Broadly, and Spotify, Smirnoff is sparking the conversation about female representation in electronic music. Smirnoff's goal is to double the percentage of woman-identified headliners by 2020. Smirnoff has approached key industry leaders including Pitchfork, iHeartRadio, Deltic Group, Mixmag, Insomniac, and Live Nation Entertainment to work together to advance gender representation among bookings, exposure in media, and music availability.

Backed by vocal social activist and general badass, Marea Stamper, aka The Black Madonna has been a strong participant with Smirnoff, going so far as to travel to Uganda to help teach women the art of DJing in a new Thump documentary, Equalizing Music: Women Changing the Face of Electronic Music. Check out the documentary below.

Follow the link to learn more about the "Equalizing Music" movement.