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EDM.com Spotlight

Making Music is all About Instinct for Canadian Producer Conro [INTERVIEW]

Canadian producer Conro has hit his stride in 2017 with new found inspiration. After first making waves at the pinnacle of the dance music boom in the US, Conro has established a rapport as one of the most stylistically versatile young producers around. Over the years he has challenged the conventional boundaries of electronic music, yet all the while maintaining his signature, catchy melodic sound.

Having just released his new single “Chardonnay” a bonafide, future-pop inspired hit, we took the opportunity to chat with this eclectic and promising artist and gain some insight as to what the future holds for him.

EDM.com: Your new single “Chardonnay” featuring Karra has just been released via Monstercat. What was your inspiration behind the release?

Conro: My inspiration behind the song was a feeling of just about getting away from it all, relaxing, and sipping on a drink on a beach somewhere with someone that you can’t get enough of. I feel that in working on this song with Karra, we were able to really capture that feeling in the finished song.

You seem to be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to music composition, originally performing in an orchestra and then in rock bands all before your eventual foray into electronic music. How does your background as a classically trained musician impact your approach to dance music?

I feel that being a part of music at such an early really solidified my passion for music. I also think that being taught music theory early on really helped with not having to consciously think about scales and theory while producing. It just comes naturally. I can thank my mom for that, it wasn't by choice to learn that stuff. I think part of me is constantly bringing up sounds from my past rock and orchestral background; what comes in the ears also comes out!

What has been the most impactful moment in your trajectory and growth as an artist thus far?

My most impactful moment so far has been signing and working with my management team, 'Sorted Management'. They have been able to take my career and help shape it and grow it better than I was able to do on my own. We work great as a team!

For those who might not be as familiar with you yet, why is now the perfect time to be a Conro fan?

Well, I can't force anyone to listen! (laughs) However, I would encourage everyone to check out my stuff if you enjoy think you would enjoy chill/indie/pop/dance/electronic/future bass songs!

I think it’s interesting that you keep a balance with living on a farm and appreciating a different lifestyle when you’re not touring. What else do you do to stay grounded from the hectic life of a touring artist?

Well, I actually love to cook when I'm home. I'll prepare meals from the start of the day to the end. I will make anything from Tortellini Soup, or Green Thai Curry, to Spaghetti and Balls! It's another great way to express myself creatively when I need a break.

Who are three fellow producers you think are deserving of the spotlight?

I think Youngr, Droeloe and Point Point need some more exposure! Love all their work.

What can fans of Conro expect next?

They can expect my EP! I've finished it, and will be released in mid July! Can't wait to showcase some diversity and new styles of music.

Thanks to Conro for taking the time to chat with us! If you’re not already familiar with the talent in his wheelhouse, then check out Conro’s new single “Chardonnay”, which is out now via Monstercat. Stay tuned for more Conro to come with the forthcoming summer release of his new EP.