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EDM.com Spotlight

Carl Cox Lands Brand New Residency with SpaceX

On March 30th, Tesla’s founder Elon Musk just sent a used rocket into space. Through Spacex, Musk and the rest of the SpaceX staff hopes to begin the colonization of Mars within the next 50-100 years, but what does that mean for the world of electronic music?

Musk said in a recent interview that, “Although SpaceX has a primary goal of getting as many ships to Mars as possible within the next century, we also realize that in order to keep the Mars population satisfied and sane, inhabitants must have the same commodities that they would have back on earth. More specifically we need to focus on bringing electronic music to Mars, all our 150 day flights will have non-stop techno and house playing throughout the entire shuttle with some of the most influential DJs in the world.”

One notable individual amongst the lucky few who have been chosen to play daily sets over the course of the 150 day long excursion is Carl Cox. In the same interview Musk stated that, “Cox is one of the few candidates who we believe is fit for the one of the few residency spots available on the charter flight to Mars. After his fifteen year long residency at Space Ibiza, it’s fair to say that he is more than ready to spend the rest of his days playing our Mars flights.”

After hearing this news I was able to get a quick phone call in with Cox to listen to his hopes for his new and exciting position. When asked if he had any experience with space travel in the past Cox replied, “Oh yes, mate! I love Space, I spent fifteen years of my life playing Space so this ain’t gonna be much different than that.” Cox also stated that he plans on doing a 150 hour long set from takeoff to mid orbit. We’re all eager to see how things will turn out for SpaceX and hope for the best in their process of turning these dreams into a reality.

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