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EDM.com Spotlight

7 of the Best Dubstep Releases You Missed Last Week

You might be too busy to dig for the hottest up and comers in the game, but luckily we've been keeping an eye on things so you don't have to! Check out the 8 best dubstep tracks that you slept on last week!

7. Act One - Stabby

Stabby is known for his use of rapidly triggering metallic sounds and this track is no exception. The drops contain a smooth and powerful combination of pitch bending growls and wildy sliding screech synths.

6. Underworld - Eptic

If you’ve listened to Eptic before, then you should be able to quickly identify his wonky intros, and heavily distorted bass synths. Eptic drops this track with his classic plucky basses doused in some pretty killer reverb tails.

5. Edo - Stabby

Another track from Stabby that further demonstrates his use of rapidly retriggering synths. Immediately after the intro he throws the track into a frenzy of of angry pluck basses and sliding growls. Definitely more difficult to predict than the others.

4. Wild - Cosma

Cosma introduces this track with some sinister sounding melodies and arpeggios and gets straight to work on the drop. Short and punchy basses accented by some wonky audio samples deliver an evil and powerful vibe to anyone who listens.

3. Carousel - Fallsteeze

Fallsteeze makes his intentions clear with this track right out of the gate. An eerie bass pattern slithers its way under the kick/snare loop that drives the whole track. Eventually it leads into an industrial style rhythm played by deep metallic basses and evil sounding vocal samples.

2. Cease and Survive - Kris Cayden

Kris Cayden’s sound design in this track is something to behold. The heavy metallic screech takes the focus throughout the whole track delivering some truly grimy beatdowns. This is a song you’d headbang and mosh to for sure.

1. Imperium - Desembra

Save the best for last as they say. Desembra utterly distorts your perception of reality for a moment with this track. The drop is a sinister whirlwind of rising screams from his synths trying to escape from your speakers. It's not for the faint of heart.