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EDM.com Spotlight

Ultra Music Festival Expands to China, India, Australia and Ibiza

Ultra Music Festival, the biggest, most head-turning electronic music festival in the world, is growing. On their Facebook page last night, UMF announced that its global edition, Ultra Worldwide, would be expanding to major cities in China, India, Australia and Ibiza.

Ultra is regarded as a festival mecca for house and bass music fans everywhere, and with shows coming to Shanghai and New Delhi as soon as September of this year, being able to rave at the world’s largest dance music venue has never been more possible. Ultra Worldwide will continue on to Mumbai and Melbourne, Australia in February of 2018 as well as Sydney and Melbourne again the following year.

Ultra President and CEO Russell Faibisch has been visiting China since 2012 in hopes of bringing the mainland its first international music festival, saying “There is no other genre like electronic music now, or ever, in the history of music… It’s the one genre that brings everyone together no matter what country you’re in.” Ultra has worldwide editions in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, but Faibisch believes there is room for even more growth in Asia after seeing fans travel far within the continent to catch their not-so local festival.

First launched in Miami–which remains its most popular location today–in 1999, Ultra reportedly drew 165,000 festival-goers from over sixty countries this past March and grows in attendance yearly. No matter where you are, there is probably now an Ultra for you.

H/T: Channel News Asia