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EDM.com Spotlight

Raver Opens Up An EDM-Themed Bubble Tea Bar In San Francisco

There are two trends that have definitely taken over the past few years: bubble tea and electronic dance music. But put those two trends together, and you get Gosu Tea Bar.

Gosu is a new bubble tea bar that has just recently opened up over a former healing center in the Inner Richmond area of San Francisco. According to its Twitter page, Gosu is an “EDM Themed Tea Bar with Asian American Snack and Dessert Fusion Specialties.” Since its opening in late March, it has been climbing in popularity and representing the peace, love, unity, and respect (PLUR) philosophy.


The idea of putting the two together came from 22 year-old Joey Tran, a young entrepreneur with a passion for EDM and Bubble tea.

“Food, EDM and boba are what I am truly passionate about” says Joey. “I came from a depressing place back then, but EDM and boba are really what kept me alive.”

After dropping out of college almost three years ago, the enthusiastic entrepreneur decided to open up his own business with those exact passions in mind. “It took a long time and hard work, but it finally happened”. Tran wants Gosu to serve as a place where ravers and non-ravers can unite. The lounge-like food and tea bar offers a dedicated gaming section for mingling and relaxation and plays electronic dance music during hours of operation for visitors to enjoy.


If you are not into drinks filled with boba, Gosu offers plenty of other alternative drink choices such as hot teas, fruit juices, and a “Craft Your Own” menu section. This section offers a plethora of possible beverage combinations and “secret menu” possibilities that are unveiled to visitors every year. On Gosu’s signature drink menu, items represent the dance scene by being labeled after popular dance tracks such as “Keep It Mello” and “Bring Back The Summer.” And by next month, Gosu will offer a variety of food choices like pepperoni pizza fries, nutella stuffed white chocolate strawberries, and Mixed Frushi (sushi made out of coconut rice and fruit slices).

To add to its uniqueness, customers who walk into Gosu will be greeted with an alluring wall dedicated to the PLUR mantra. The wall is decorated with tons of kandi, which are bracelets made of pony beads and other charms that are commonly known about in rave culture and are usually traded at raves. “As a raver myself, I feel like the raving community is dying down. Raving is such a huge culture and I want to help bring it back” says Joey.

GOSU Kandi Wall.png

Customers are encouraged to bring in their own kandi and trade with Gosu employees. At the end of the day, any customers who have done a trade will get to have their kandi bracelets added to the wall for memory’s sake. “All employees are required to wear kandi and are encouraged to trade with customers.” Joey believes that every bracelet is “so valuable” and serves “as a memory” that deserves to be put onto the wall.

Adding to the theme, Tran plans to eventually add three weekend nighttime events during the summer. The first weekend event will be called DJ night. With it, Tran plans on helping promote DJ’s in the local bay. “My plan is to help local DJs and DJs who are trying to get noticed.” The second event will be called gloving night. With the partnership of Nor Cal lights, a competitive gloving group. Gloving night aims to educate and entertain customers with fingertip LED light shows and gloving advice. The last event is called kandi night. Tran says

With EDC coming up, I want to have ravers meet up and get the opportunity to make kandi with each other. Think about how cool it would be to get to sit down with fellow ravers over food and drinks and make kandi before heading out to your next rave”.