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EDM.com Spotlight

May The Force Be With Your...Turntable?

Coming this April 22nd, Star Wars is working with audio store company Crosley to release a limited edition release of Star Wars themed turntables.

The 10th annual Record Store Day, which celebrates independent music and record stores, will be commemorate its decade of existence with a intergalactic theme. This year's Record Store Day also correlates with the 40th anniversary of Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

This special edition being released by Crosley were available for pre-sale at a reasonable a price of $109.95, but unfortunately sold out in record time. The device includes an option of three speeds, pitch control, stereo speakers, RCA outputs, a headphone jack, and even Bluetooth settings. This product will sure to be a must have for Star Wars and Record collectors everywhere, so keep your eyes out for these beauties on resale markets!

Check out these Star Wars inspired tracks below!

H/T: Electronic Beats