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EDM.com Spotlight

8 Trap Bangers You May Have Slept On (and 1 You Probably Didn’t)

We here at EDM.com know the struggle of finding new music better than anyone. Sometimes you sift through hours and hours of new tracks and nothing catches your ear. We’re here to ease that pain and make your search a little easier. We searched the web for 9 fresh gems that you already know will be put on rinse and repeat.

9. TWERL and Devault - “Lishu”

There was a long time where the only person who could do Troyboi was Troyboi. Although he is still the king of that sound, there are other producers putting their own spin on the sample-heavy trap banger. TWERL and Devault’s collab is very wonky and spacey, with low, long basslines, and a surprisingly catchy sitar melody.

8. Blvk Sheep and TYNVN - “Oath”

Blvk Sheep and TYNYN draw you in with a playful melody before hitting a super hard dub drop and continuing to rise from there. The bass and harmonics are married beautifully and it’s a real experience to listen to as you never know how it’s going to drop next.

7. Bashment YC & GV - "I'm Fuck'in Wit"

This collab from underground stunnas Bashment YC & GV doesn't stop with heavy trap beats, "I'm Fuck'in Wit" showcases the two producers individual styles with melodic elements of future bass that keep us cruising through this track.

6. Zenon - “Take Them”

Zenon brings his brand of "luxurious bass" to the table on "Take Them" offering up a heavy gem that takes no prisoners. We recommend you put this one on blast.

5. SLUMBERJACK- “Afraid, Unafraid”

Australian duo SLUMBERJACK have been killing it lately. Every track they release brings something new to the table and their latest single, “Afraid, Unafraid” is no different. One of the softer tracks this week features Sydnee Carter’s angellic voice and is also the source of most of the sampling done through the drop. Just don’t sleep on these guys.

4. SMiTHMUSiX - “Flip That Pigeon” feat. Dlush

Newcomer SMiTHMUSiX blends banging trap beats with a diverse genre twist that leaves us floored. And when you hear that pigeon coo? Brrr...

3. Jayceeoh and Lit Lords - “2 Than Bank”

Jayceeoh and Lit Lords came together for one of the hardest trap bangers all week. Dramatic horns are featured throughout the track, alongside a constant sense of escalation brought by the beats getting harder and faster every drop.

2. DJ Snake - “Here Comes the Night” (NGHTMRE)

NGHTMRE has been a little quiet lately, but no longer. DJ Snake released a remix album for his track “Here Comes the Night” and NGHTMRE’s tops the list for me. It’s a little softer than his latest releases but he shows a more mystical, melodic side of his sound this time around.

1. Dillon Francis and G-Eazy - “Say Less”

This is the one you probably didn’t sleep on, and it’s no surprise why. The highly anticipated collaboration between the two superstars was the first release on Dillon’s new IDGAFOS label and EDM class clown’s trap debut. He said on snapchat awhile back that his new music would be super different and we’re off to a great start with this one.

Which one's your favorite? What should have made the list? Let us know!