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EDM.com Spotlight

Tim Robbins’ EDM Mockumentary Invites You to Lighten Up

Everyone that loves electronic music and everyone that reads our articles here at EDM.com, know that sometimes the news can be overbearing and monotonous. “So and so released a new EP!” and “Check out this brand new collab with these guys!” After awhile you can’t help but think, EDM as we know it is becoming oversaturated. So that’s where something like Tim Robbins’ mockumentary, “Ultimate Ultimate,” comes in handy because it blatantly parodizes a genre that can at times feel overdone. That’s not to say that electronic music isn’t worth talking about but let’s be honest, sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves.

Premiering as a five-part series on Funny or Die, “Ultimate Ultimate,” follows the journey of three individuals, including two “bros” and a middle-aged high school teacher, as they compete to become the “World DJ Champion” (Let’s be honest, wouldn’t it be badass if one of your high school teachers was a DJ?) As the series goes on, they tackle different aspects of EDM and essentially poke fun.

The show’s creator, Tim Robbins, who produced this show with his son Jack Robbins, defended this project in a Thump interview by saying, “I think people who are just button-pushers are ripe for satire… Because it is just pushing a button! And it's ok if that makes people dance, but when you take yourself incredibly seriously as an artist when that is all you do, then I think you need to be satirized.”

However, the vast majority of the cast and crew really do love electronic music. They just understood that like what Jack Robbins said in a statement, “... nothing is untouchable in comedy.”

So what do you think? Does a satirization of EDM irk you slightly? I guess a better question would be, “U Mad Bro?”

Well either way, the point is made that sometimes you need to take a step back, point and laugh, and still love the culture because at the end of the day, we still gather by the millions to discuss, enjoy, and celebrate a genre that has only just begun.

You can check out this series by clicking here!

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