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EDM.com Spotlight

Armada Music jumps in with RUMORS' “Look Out Below” [PREMIERE]

Armada Music has housed some of the biggest producers and DJ’s we know today. Armin Van Buuren, Gareth Emery, Borgore, and Dash Berlin are just some of the big name producers who are signed to Armada’s record label.

RUMORS, a mysterious unnamed producer duo are responsible for penning some of pop music's biggest hits including The Chainsmoker's upcoming single "Young" from their brand new album. Now, RUMORS are joining the stacked Armada team with their new single “Look Out Below.”

As you turn on and listen to the track, sonically, everything sounds like you’re in a dream state with a sense of optimism looming in the background. The songs overall theme is about motivation and passion. Once you find that key thing that motivates you, you have to spark it up quickly and run away with it by diving into your new found passion without fear or hesitation. “Look Out Below” is a statement to have courage under the pursuit of your passion.

In the music video, we are represented with an open shot of a man with wings soaring through the sky. As he roams through the clouds, he starts to fly towards the sun, which causes him to lose his wings. If anyone took history in high school, you would know that this was a definite parallel to Icarus in greek mythology. From then on, we are shown imagery of a man who is trying to regain his self confidence by continuing to pursue his dream of being back in the sky again. Ultimately though, he ends up being unsuccessful and instead finds love on the ground where he has fallen.

The catchy chorus phrase “Look Out Below” is to signify the metaphor of jumping into your passion and to not letting go of the grip of interest and excitement. There’s always fear when you’re trying something new and the outcome of the situation is unknown. That fear is exciting and the unknown is what makes life interesting, just like how the man who fell from the sky falls in love with a woman he had just met.

Overall, the song is quite catchy! It shows a bit of a different take on the Trance/House genre by adding a melodic top line whistle to the essential drop. The bass tone frequencies compliment the track by resonating with the wet chants coming from the background. With its stacked layering mixed in with the vocal melodies everything sounds huge. With the nice reggaeton like rhythmic beat, you have a very flowing and eclectic dance mix that will definitely get your mind thinking and your inspirations racing while you’re taking a listen to this serene mix.