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EDM.com Spotlight

Experience Life and Death in This VR Dreamscape Music Video [WATCH]

UK born music duo Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands, known since 1989 prolifically as The Chemical Brothers, have teamed up with virtual reality content creators Within to create a music experience like nothing you've ever seen.

There is nothing quite like seeing your favorite artist blowing your mind at your first festival experience or anything, but hey that's pretty hard to top.

What Within and The Chemical Brothers have done is brought together something that could've been a sub par VR experience, or an average music video for their 2015 track "Under Neon Lights." Instead, they created something that is its own beautiful work of art. One where even calling it a music video would be to do it injustice.

In the video you experience a girl's life from the third person. There is a small level of interaction in that you can turn the camera and look around, the visuals change while you turn the camera, it all seems very simple at first. But it's the nuances of how it all works so well with the music. It's the way the little girl turns into a young adult when she hugs her teddy bear after a bird just threw her into a window right when the vocals come in. Vocals that make you feel like you're in a club rather than a loop of the rooms in your childhood home. The way the songs starts playfully, gets a little chaotic and dramatic, but eventually calms down and finally fades out. Pretty much like life.

The "Under Neon Lights" music experience can be viewed on any web browser, PC, iOS or Android as well as through Google Daydream. Support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift is being worked on.

For the full VR experience, head to with.in/watch/under-neon-lights!