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EDM.com Spotlight

Check the ‘Rave Heroes’ - The Prodigy X RYCA art Collaboration Figures

Once again, British masterminds The Prodigy are ready to innovate. This time it’s not a new music, but something a little bit different.

In collaboration with RYCA (aka Ryan Callanan), an award winning British artist, the band announced an exclusive limited collection of art figures. Limited to only 250, hand sculpted , silkscreened and painted sets of chrome-plated 3.75” scale art figures feature come with artwork and box individually numbered hand signed by Liam, Maxim, Keith, but also RYCA.

Ten of the most lucky fans who buy one of the original sets will receive a set gilded in 23.5ct gold leaf, that will not be available for sale.

Figures are available to purchase at The Prodigy Store and Art Republic, but you may want to hurry up because there are only a few sets left

The Prodigy is a legendary electronic band from Essex, England. Consisting of Liam H, Keith Flint and Maxim Reality, they are considered one of the most important acts in electronic music history. Their unique and aggressive style blends electronica with rock and punk, making them popular in both worlds. They are known for their highly energetic live shows.

RYCA aka Ryan Callanan is an English artist mainly known for his work in contemporary printmaking and graphics. He also works as sign writer and 3D sign writer. Callanan has also collaborated with music acts such as Fatboy Slim, Ben Eine or Stik. He previously did a set of figures for hop hop legends 2 Pac, Easy E and Biggie.