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EDM.com Spotlight

Get a Glimpse of the Year in Retrospect with the Elusive Feverkin [FEATURE]

Feverkin is one of the most elusive artists on the Internet, “a noisy cricket in a noisy field.” Private by nature, for years he kept his face hidden from fans, only sharing a glimpse of his silhouette in pictures.Photography is a large part of the Feverkin experience, every picture a peak into the soul of an artistic recluse. On any given afternoon in autumn you’re likely to find him on a nature trail taking photographs; the most subtle details always catch his eye.

Feverkin is a phenomenal artist, and people have begun to take note of his talents. In 2016 an indie film group, Messieurs.ch invited him to spend a month in Switzerland where they created a much anticipated music video for a song off his From Your Window EP. Feverkin spent the month of March in London collaborating with U.K. future garage producer, Vacant.

Feverkin has developed a niche cult of followers who are actively engaged with his every post. On January 18th he announced plans to release a new song and corresponding music video for every month of 2017.

“You could say the Calendar Project is my attempt at being more transparent with the people who support my tunes. It's really a blessing to have an audience at all.”

Quite the contrary, it is the world that is blessed to experience Feverkin’s artistic vision

Feverkin calls his genre “Cinematic Headphone Music,” a nod to the movement of ambient electronic tunes that have emerged from the chillwave scene. It’s organic, like a live band in a jazz lounge. Averse to the digital feel of synthetic/virtual orchestras, Feverkin prefers to sample live violins and records himself playing the piano, cello, and guitar tracks in his songs. Christopher “Cuff” Malloy, seen playing the soprano sax in the February video, supplies melodies for multiple Feverkin tunes, the most prominent being Golden with fellow music producer, Koresma.

Feverkin’s intricate style of electronic music breathes with emotion. Previous collaborations with SoundCloud vocalists Nori (Sinking, Still Can't Fall, and From Your Window) and Bijou (Coiled Corner) give voice to his narrative of solitude. Feverkin is the Lemony Snicket of electronic music. Sophisticated and kitschy--but not overtly posh like in Wes Anderson films--the tone of his music is often sad but never dreary nor abysmal. Blissfully Melancholy. Folksy with Blue Notes.

Feverkin’s creative process is a delicate balance of the digital and living world. An avid sample hunter, he often spends his days searching for inspiration with a Zoom H5 field microphone. Favoring found sounds from the real world, a typical drum beat in a Feverkin song is a mosaic of samples: camera shutter clicks for snares, knives scraping together until they resonate like a set of cymbals. The end result is a unique, futuristic take on European garage beats.

Stay tuned into his Facebook page for upcoming songs from his Calendar Project, and check out his newest release (March).