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EDM.com Spotlight

Celebrate This Totally Normal Day with the Best Trap Songs of the Week

Ahh, April 20th. A day where some individuals are only concerned with one thing, and it's not finding new music.

If you do go on a music hunt, you may get lost, or you may just keep on listening to those reliable tracks that just “get me every time, man.” We took it upon ourselves to find the music for you, so just sit back, relax, and keep it lit with eight of the hottest new trap songs released this week.

DROELOE - See Through Me

Dutch duo DROELOE have been on the rise since their first release on San Holo’s bitbird label in early 2016. Right out of the gate they've been blending trap beats with futuristic melodies and the result was a truly unique sound that shows no sign of the duo slowing down.

Sumthin Sumthin ft Snowy - Moves

Sumthin Sumthin is a Los Angeles based up and coming producer and his newest single, “Moves” is his first release on trap god UZ’s Quality Good Records. It features dramatic horns and tantalizing snare rolls as you could expect on something backed by UZ. "Moves" also feature UK rapper Snowy, whose bars flow like butter throughout.

Rowland Evans - Body Wanna

If your heart beats in wobbles like mine, but you still love yourself a nice dirty bass line, boy did you strike gold on this one. Rowland Evans’ newest release on Artist Intelligence Agency is one of the best hybrid tracks released in recent history.

MAKK - Flamethrower

While Rowland Evans stayed kind of in the middle on the “hybrid dub/trap” side of things, MAKK instead goes back and forth from each side of the extremes in this dance floor destroyer.

Maytek - Shockwave

The Artist Intelligence Agency record label is on a mission to bring hard hitting up and comers into their own, as showcased by pretty much every one of their releases, including the latest by Maytek, an absolutely monstrous bass driven jam.

MADEINTYO - Skateboard P (Styles&Complete x Jayceeoh Remix)

Easily the most lit song I've heard this week, perfect for the day this will be published. Styles&Complete and Jayceeoh turned a pretty average hip hop song (just my opinion) into an instant classic trap banger. It feels familiar but refreshing, and that “bling, blaow” before the drop is too much fun.


One week ago, I praised SLUMBERJACK quite generously and said don't sleep on them. Well the music gods have smiled upon us and the Australian duo dropped a masterpiece of a debut EP. Nothing can be said about this track that will do it justice; it’s got a massive sense of grandeur, it kind of sounds like Glitch Mob, and it's got my vote for best track in this list.

Keys n Krates x KRANE- Right Here (QUIX Remix)

Keys n Krates’ first release of 2017 is a hard one to remix because it's already so good. QUIX does a great job of turning the melody driven original on it’s head into a powerful club banger. He pitched down the vocals and gave it the kind of hollow, punchy sound he seems to do better than anyone (except maybe Boombox Cartel). Truly a deserving remix.