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Skrillex Briefly Detained After Playing Demos Too Loud

Wednesday night was certainly a bit different for our favorite Grammy winning bass-monster Skrillex.

Sonny Moore also known as Skrillex, was detained by the LAPD and briefly placed in the back of a cop car yesterday night. Skrillex tweeted that he played his music too loud, which led to him being pulled over. According to Skrillex he was handcuffed because he didn’t have his ID on him.

Skrillex was released almost immediately and was not under arrest. According to Twitter, right after his run in, he played some tunes at a friends house.

The whole situation was very chill, and both parties appeared to be very polite to one another.

Afterwards, Skrillex sent out some tweets to Tesla founder Elon Musk describing how awesome the Tesla’s speakers are.

We’re glad everything went smoothly and our favorite alien is free to invade our speakers. Now we must impatiently await the release of the demos so massive that they led to Skrillex being detained.

Remember to bring your ID next time you’re blasting "Promises" on the road or you might end up in a cop car too! Check out the video (courtesy of Twitter) of the incident below and share your thoughts with us!

H/T: Dancing Astronaut

Photo Courtesy of Seth Browarnik and Ryan Troy