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On a Budget? Here's 5 Studio Headphones That Won't Break the Bank

As producers, mix engineers, and mastering engineers, we all need headphones to listen to our music that is accurate. These can make or break our mixes in the end. That being said, most of us also have a budget when we look at these options. There was some fierce competition, but here are five budget-conscious studio headphones.

1. Sennheiser HD280 Pro

In terms of how well you can hear everything from 20hz-20khz, this is one of the best. The relatively flat frequency response curve is the reason this is so popular even though it may dip too low near the top of the of the frequency spectrum for some people. The around the ear cushion helps with isolation and comfort allowing these to be worn for a long period of time. The earphones fold and collapse which helps when they need to be carried.

Cost: USD $99.95

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2. Sony MDR-7506

These headphones are in my opinion could rival the previous headphones. The frequency response lacks near the low end and even further than the Sennheiser but overall is flatter. The price difference between the two is also very attractive when considering the differences of most headphones in the industry. The main downsides would be the lack of isolation and comfort after long periods of time.

Cost: USD $79.99

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3. Sony MDR V-6

Personally, these headphones are a great starting point and were my first pair when I started to seriously produce and mix music. They have a similar design to its brother mentioned above which means the comfort and isolation lacks. However, these headphones have a great boost near the low end (50-100 hz) and are relatively flat all across the board. Much like the other headphones on this list, there is a dip at the high end, yet can also sound shrill compared to other headphones.

Cost: USD $78.00

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4. Beyerdynamic DT 880 32 OHM

These headphones are a bit higher on side of price but possibly higher on the side of quality as well. At more than double the price of the Sony MDR-7506 headphones, this pair has some very attractive qualities when it comes to the frequency response.They have a nice subtle boost ranging from the lowest lows to the mids which makes the headphones sound warm. Even better, the DT 880’s retain 10khz and up better than the other headphones on this list. If you are willing to dish out just a little more cash, these ones are a solid bargain.

Cost: USD $168.00

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5. AKG K240 Semi-Open

From personal experience, these are amazingly cheap headphones but yield great qualities at the same time. These headphones sound very warm primarily because of how much the low end is boosted but still are somewhat flat in the mid to high-mid range. Comfortability is one of the main reasons these are on my top five list. They don’t hurt my ears after 5+ hours of producing. One downfall that really could have made this a better headphone is the isolation factor. Almost zero isolation was included in this design. That means everything around you is just as loud as it was before you put on the headphones. Although for the price and everything else included, this was a no-brainer.

Cost: USD $54.00

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