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EDM.com Spotlight

Just How Easy Is It to Write Like The Chainsmokers? [WATCH]

The Chainsmokers have been in the media spotlight for a while now and people are getting flat out bored with them.

Criticisms spawned from their seemingly repetitive style of production from which countless memes and jokes have been forged. Even Esquire hopped in on the hate-bandwagon by calling them “the Nickelback of EDM.”

But just how difficult is it to write like the Chainsmokers?

YouTuber John Fassold has provided us with some perspective on the matter with a compilation of hilarious Snapchats. In the video, he perfectly replicates their melody production and even creates his own lyrics to go along with them. Most of which are beautifully terrible.

Topics include being white and in love, the scent of laundry detergent, Febreze, calculators and varying types of alcohol in random locations.

You should at least give them credit for still trying and ignoring all the insults though. Maybe they’ll learn from this and try to change their style around. No hard feelings Chainsmokers.

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