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EDM.com Spotlight

Spotify Levels the Playing Field With New ‘Fan Insights’ Function

EDM has always been a genre synonymous with social media activity. The type of music that we all know and love today rose to prominence by grassroots activity on social media sites like Soundcloud, Facebook, Reddit and Spotify.

Found a fresh new artist that you wanted to spread the word about? No problem. Anybody in the world is just a link away from checking out your latest discovery.

As time went on, some of the sites made things harder for up and coming artists to get their work out there. If you didn’t have support from a label or management, it was very hard to become a “verified” artist on some of these sites. For many artists, having a “verified” status is important for obvious reasons. Being verified usually signaled your popularity or influence as an artist. In the case of Spotify, being verified also meant that you had extra features on your page at your disposal. One such feature was an analytics tool called “Fan Insights”.

This tool is very important because it breaks down everything from playlists with the most streams, how often listeners steam a specific song, etc. This tool could help the artist analyze what works with their current platform and what they could change moving forward. Additionally, for established artists, metrics like knowing geographically where songs are receiving the highest number of plays can be useful data when routing tours, marketing to specific audiences, etc.

Fortunately, Spotify has decided to change the standards set for receiving such access. Now known as “Spotify for Artists”, producers with Spotify accounts can access all of these insights that were previous withheld from them.

These are the new metrics that will now be offered to verified accounts, via Spotify's official blog:

Demographics: Learn about who your listeners are on Spotify — including their age, their gender, and what features they’re using to discover and play your music. Use your insights to refine promotion or secure new partnerships.

Location: See detailed breakdowns of where people are listening to your music. Artists are using this data to route tours and pitch songs to local radio.

Similar artists: See other artists your fans are listening to so you can find a perfect tourmate or collaborator — or use it to better target your marketing.

Live listeners: Your live listeners update in real time, so you know how many people are listening to your music on Spotify.

This is great news for all aspiring artists out there. Now any eligible producer on Spotify will be able to access this kind of information which could be crucial in the growth of their careers. For details regarding the platform itself and how to sign up for such an account, follow the link.

H/T: YourEDM