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Bose Accused of Spying on Users in Lawsuit

Recently Bose has been accused of harvesting data from its users and selling it without their permission. These accusations come from a class action lawsuit started by Kyle Zak. Zak and his team claim that Bose uses their companion app “Bose Connect” to record user’s preferences and sell those preferences to data miners.

The complaint claims Bose;

“...intentionally designed and programmed its Bose Connect app automatically disclose and transmit its customers’ Media Information to third party companies, including a data miner.”

Zak and his team claim that the data that Bose gathers is private and lets the company sell sensitive details about the customers without their consent. They also claim Bose intentionally hid this from customers because they know customers would value headphones that do not collect data more than headphones that do.

Bose has denied these allegations and labeled them “inflammatory and misleading”. In a series of tweets from the Bose account, they state that they do not sell user’s information, and do not even identify their users.

Bose claims they will fight all these allegations in court. They also state they will be transparent and will talk directly with users. They also state it is possible to use the headphones without the app.

Privacy has been a massive topic for debate in recent times. With advances in technology it is possible for companies to gather very sensitive information about its users without their consent. Politicians, lawyers, and the public have been clashing over the rights of the users, and how their information can be used.

Should companies be able to sell your data or should they stay out of your business?

Read the full complaint below and let us know what you think!

Bose Privacy Compaint

Via Fortune.com