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EDM.com Spotlight

Learn His Name: Why Le Malls Is Slated to Be the Next Big Thing [INTERVIEW]

Young producer Le Malls is about to be everywhere.

At the age of 17, he is already backed by some of the biggest management in the game and is signed to independent label Lowly Palace which helped his tracks get millions of plays through various social platforms. Just as he released the music video for “Blazed feat. Beckii Power”, we got the chance to interview the talented producer and talk about his influences, his approach to music production and much more.

EDM.com: So you just premiered your very first music video for “Blazed.” Congratulations for the track’s success so far! How did the track come about, and what was the idea behind the music video?

Le Malls: Blazed came about very naturally... I wanted people to really FEEL the drop, you know? It's one of those songs that just about anyone can vibe to. The goal was to create a track that people could relate to, while keeping true to my sound. Beckii Power, the artist featured in the video wrote the top line and the lyrics to the track and then I went back and made changes to what I felt related to her vocals and style. The video is kind of a funny story. It was filmed when I was in London, working on some new tracks. My manager was directing the shoot, making sure things were going smoothly, and then, the model/dancer that was supposed to be in the video mixed up the date and didn’t show up, so she stepped up to the plate and was in the video instead! We are all about working as a team and doing whatever it takes to get it done. The visual aspect is something that enables people to really identify with the feeling of not just being high on love, but also high on life.

What are some artists that have inspired you growing up and have influenced your style?

My main stylistic influences come from Porter Robinson, What So Not, Flume, Big Wild and Lucian. If I had to choose one artist it would be Porter Robinson. He is an amazingly talented artist and inspires me everyday with all of his music and his live performances, which is something that you will be seeing from me in the future as well.

Where do you get your inspiration from, other than music?

Honestly, my inspiration for music can come from anywhere at any time! This is like most art though. You can draw inspiration from any aspect of life whether it’s nature, film, family, friends, social surroundings, or just humanity itself…the possibilities are endless. I admire a lot of work from people such as Peter Jackson, Tolkien, Ian McKellen, etc. This I believe does translate into my music with a great soundscape, that I stay true to. I also listen to a decent amount of rock music which influences me and really inspires me to do epic live shows in the future.

We know you started producing in your bedroom at the young age of thirteen. How did your parents feel about it?

At the beginning it worried my parents, I won't lie. They were mainly concerned, like most parents, because they were scared that music would distract me from my studies. I spent every waking moment in my bedroom producing music and learning about software, arrangement, plugins, and all aspects of production. This has always been my main focus. After all these years though they can see that it is what I hold dear to me and at the beginning of 2017 I released a track, "R&G." The track gained over 1 million plays in the first week on trap nation, and they could see that something was really happening. They began to accept the fact that music was going to be a career and not just a hobby, and have been very optimistic about my future. I can't thank my parents enough for their constant support in what I do. They just want me to be happy and succeed in whatever I want to do, and that has and always will be music.

At what point did you realize that music could be a career for you? Did your approach to producing change at that point, or has it always been the same?

At the start of 2017 things began to change. At the moment I am still 17 and I am just finishing up high school. The first week of January I met my managers, who have been such an incredible team and we really are like one big family. Shortly after I began working with them, I signed to Paradigm Talent Agency in the U.S, and Echo Location in Europe. To have two powerhouse agencies really believe in me and the music I’m making felt amazing.. At this time I really saw that I could make music my career. For creating music, my approach has never changed nor do I think it ever will. When I start each track I am in my own sort of a bubble and put myself into my own little world. It helps me get in my zone and create something which is unique and original. This is incredibly important to me.

All these elements enable me to express what I feel and put it into your ears. You may feel it differently than I did, but as long as it stirs up emotion, ANY emotion, then I did what I intended to do.

Do you have a specific way of starting every track and continuing from there, or do you just go with the flow? Also, what are some of your favorite plug-ins and why?

Before I start working on any track I have an idea of what I want it to sound like at the end. I usually will start with a melody or maybe even the drop. A lot of my tracks tend to sound almost theatrical. I want the sound to take people on an epic, anthemic ride that they won’t forget, and this is something that I really try to keep as a constant theme, but I’m always experimenting with new ideas to keep it fresh. I try to write at least 2-3 tracks per week and finish them or at least the production element. I want to make as much music as possible but if I don't feel something straight away then I move on. Time is precious guys! For my music, I use a lot of Massive, Serum and Kontakt libraries and I never sample anything but organic sounds. I want my fans/listeners to be able to hear a new track of mine for the first time and without looking at a screen, know that it’s me.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never listened to your music?

If I had to describe it in one word I wouldn’t. I would just say “listen”. Lol… It's so difficult to describe this to someone. It is a combination of trippy sounds and melodies with a bit of orchestral instrumentation mixed with future bass, rock, and really many other genres. All these elements enable me to express what I feel and put it into your ears. You may feel it differently than I did, but as long as it stirs up emotion, ANY emotion, then I did what I intended to do. I used to produce many different styles in the past, which you can check out on my Soundcloud page in my remixes. The future bass movement has also really influenced my arrangements and my general sound. I like to create music that can take you on a trip around the world and then rocket launch you into outer space in just a matter of seconds.

I want the sound to take people on an epic, anthemic ride that they won’t forget, and this is something that I really try to keep as a constant theme, but I’m always experimenting with new ideas to keep it fresh.

Who are some people that you would absolutely love to collaborate with, and what is it that makes them special in your opinion?

As a producer, I would love to work with What So Not or Flume. They are truly amazing and original and these collaborations would really be a dream come true for me. For singers, I think Twenty-One Pilots would be actually amazing. I really love their stuff and that would be so dope! They are such a huge inspiration for me and to collaborate on some tracks someday would be epic. I have a ton of respect for talented artists like them who have already made a name for themselves, but I am also down to collab with newcomers who may not be known yet, but are grinding and putting in the time so that they will be someday.

What can we expect from Le Malls in the future?

Well, this year is going to be insane. I am releasing a track on Lowly Palace / Trap Nation on May 11th named "Call Me." We are going to be releasing a video around the same time. This track has an amazing vocal feature from a singer/songwriter named Lilianna Wilde. In June, I am releasing a track named "Bullet" which I recorded in London with Guy Katsav and a talented vocalist named Sorana. This is coming out on Thrive/Sony that month. I have confirmed some show dates, there is some talk of a possible upcoming tour, some exciting collabs, and maybe even a live show, so follow me and I promise to keep you all in the loop! Thanks so much to all of you reading this and to everyone at EDM.com. I just want to say thank you for everything...really feelin’ the love. Please share my music with the world!

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