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Rebekah Hits Back at Critics That Claim She's 'Fake DJing'

It's no secret that women face a much steeper climb to the top than their male counterpart in the world of electronic music.

The long dominated boys club has seen great disparity in gender representation over the years, with very few women taking to the deck in comparison to men. With much fiercer criticism on both their DJing and producing skills, in addition to the already strong pressure on their image, female DJs often are subjected to a level of adversity that is rarely seen by men. Whether it's showing up to the club and having venue staff question their legitimacy as an artist, or constantly being accused of having their original music ghost produced, women DJs are too frequently facing attempts to discredit their abilities purely based on their sex.

British techno DJ, Rebekah, recently took to Facebook to clap back at critics and call out the blatant sexism that occurs within the underground music community. Despite having over 20 years of experience behind the decks, Rebekah has received accusations of 'fake DJings' by individuals who cannot simply believe that yes, women can DJ too.

In a statement, Rebekah shared her thoughts about the matter with a video from the booth showing just exactly what she's doing.

"So yet again it's been brought to my attention that people think that I am fake djing in my sets. Firstly I will explain yet again that I play with Traktor with four channels open, to do this they are all beat gridded and synced, yes I use sync because I would rather spend time doing more interesting things like layering and quickly switching between tracks than beat matching, anyone says shit about this I will block you. Secondly I don't always have to use headphones to listen to a new track before because of this reason. If I know the track and I trust the software to be in time I can throw it in without having to do the cueing up which you do with vinyl and cdj mixing. So this could actually look like I am pretending in someway. I hate having to explain and defend myself yet again but this is slanderous words that get passed around social media and I want to put a stop to it. I mean how fucking boring would it be to pretend to dj. I'm flattered you think that my sets are good enough that you need to analyze them to see if I actually am doing it, but I would never ever get away with it in the techno world, this isn't edm where you can do that and it's all about the show. I hope the people that know, feel the passion and energy I bring with my dj sets. I have attached a video from a gig a few months ago to show my laptop screen where I'm queuing a track in....."

What do you think? Do you think Rebekah and other female DJs are more harshly judged on their skills as a DJ?