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EDM.com Spotlight

ZHU Puts His Moody Spin on Gorillaz New 'Andromeda' [LISTEN]

Both being fan favorites, this new ZHU remix of "Andromeda" from the new Gorillaz album, Humanz, is one that everyone can get excited about.

ZHU absolutely crushed this remix, the ominous vibe and catchy bass line is what we’ve all come to expect from from him. Not only did ZHU mix the track, but added his stellar vocals to the track as well, which were phenomenal as usual.

With ZHU on the summer music festival circuit, and with his “Blacklizt” show coming up in NYC, this remix is sure to be a staple in his sets. With this remix, and with his latest single “Nightcrawler,” ZHU has been on a roll lately, and hopefully he will continue this momentum into the summer.

With the re-emergence of Gorillaz back in the music scene, it’s interesting who will be the next to take a crack at remixing one of their tracks. After this smash hit by ZHU, it’ll be a tough act to follow.