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EDM.com Spotlight

Monstercat Veteran Muzzy Releases “Spectrum” EP [LISTEN]

Those who listen to Monstercat know Muzzy, the English producer who has been blasting his unique drum and bass style since 2011.

After a much anticipated lead up and much hype surrounding the EP, it's finally arrived.

Spectrum sets out to create that wonderful sound and production value that Muzzy has always been known for and hits all of the targets, it highlights the versatility and creative knowledge Muzzy has gained in his many years as a producer. “Spectrum” also comes with a full fledged music video directed by Muzzy, giving him a chance to show off his other talents.

The U.K. Native is known to be a veteran of electronic music, with the start of his love beginning in the early 2000’s with “Hold Your Colour” by Pendulum, which lead to him toying with multiple DAWs and then settling on the distinct stylistic approach he's known for today. Muzzy special style and artistic talent will be sure to shine in 2017 onward and Spectrum is sure to be a testament to that.