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EDM.com Spotlight

The Wait is Over, ODESZA is Back With "Line of Sight"

Yesterday on 24 April 2017, Seattle-based duo ODESZA tweeted this video of screen grabs from tons of fans begging, pleading for new music, and all they said was “Tomorrow.”

Longest 24 hour wait ever.

Their newest single, "Line of Sight," featuring WYNNE & Mansionair dropped today and it’s exactly what ODESZA fans have been waiting for.

It’s been almost three years since they dropped In Return, and their cult like following of fans have been missing the sound ODESZA has always done better than anyone. Soothing vocals, a sense of serenity and wellbeing from uplifting melody and hypnotizing strings.

The group also tweeted at 8:43 am on 25 April, stating that they would be dropping ANOTHER “new tune” in their Spotify playlist that currently holds only their new single.

Keep your ears peeled, and for more info on ODESZA and their upcoming North American tour, go to ODESZA.com