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EDM.com Spotlight

Porter Robinson Teases Fans of Something Wonderful With Live Edit of 'Shelter'

Porter Robinson and Madeon concluded their ‘Shelter’ tour on Coachella’s Main Stage last weekend.

The duo’s final show together followed more than six months of performances around the globe. Shelter gained momentum rapidly and many of the 43 worldwide dates sold out. Both Porter Robinson and Madeon etched their names eternally into electro-pop history with their 75 minute back-to-back live set.

On April 22nd Robinson performed a solo "Worlds" set, a live performance based on his 2014 album, at Dallas, Texas’ Something Wonderful Festival.

During the performance, Robinson premiered a new live edit of Shelter, featuring the original’s signature synths playing the melody of "Sad Machine." Madeon’s vocals are present, along with his signature French House phasers and chord structure.

The edit marks the conclusion of the duo’s reign, but reminds us that there is more to come from both producers.