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EDM.com Spotlight

'Humanz' Has Finally Arrived, Demonstrating an Evolved Sound from Gorillaz

The Gorillaz electrify the music game with their new gargantuan 26 song album Humanz (Deluxe). Due to the outlandish and fluctuating style of the group, they have attracted quite the crowd. They move anywhere between alternative rock, rap, and some form of dirty electronica with their heavily modified drums, hip hop beats, and muddy synths. The group's past tells a strange story featuring their unique style and this album is no exception.

Breaking up the album with an intro and six interludes, the album tells multiple stories as it takes us through an eclectic sonic adventure. These stories are outlined by the name of each interlude: The “Intro: I Switched My Robot Off,” “The Non-conformist Oath,” “Elevator Going Up,” “Talk Radio,” “Penthouse,” “The Elephant,” and finally “New World.” Gorrilaz show off a darker and more experimental view on this doomsday concept album; a feat that has become a rarity with most artists choose streaming single success than bet against the success of a full fledged album.

The album also features 24 different artists on 18 of the 19 songs (not including interludes or the intro) only repeating three of them. This is not only impressive because of the amount of work and collaboration that had to be done with other artists but also speaks to the vision of the group that is, being different. This certainly speaks to the great diversity that the group wanted to create with this album and they successfully created this flawlessly.

Take some time to sit back and venture through this masterpiece and experience the magic of Gorillaz on “Humanz