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EDM.com Spotlight

Getter Previews Terror Reid’s New Single “Uppercuts” from Shred Collective [WATCH]

Getter and his legendary friends have been promising big things from their newly formed Shred Collective and so far, they haven’t let us down.

Today the Shred Collective posted a new single from Terror Reid titled “Uppercuts” produced by Getter himself. Immediately upon listening you get a sinister hip-hop chill down your spine as Reid wanders around in his white mask and hoodie on screen.

While the identity of Terror Reid is explicitly shown, all signs point to Getter the second he opens his mouth as a beautifully explicit, adventure begins to flow.

Everything is delivered with a clear “I don’t care” attitude playing off his clever wordplay. Let me just say it again the wordplay is hilariously genius. Even if you don’t like the lyrics, Getter did an awesome job with the beat and mixing. Though If you’re like me, angry sounding lyrics over a fire beat is something worth playing on loop. If you haven’t already, go follow the Shred Collective on their social media accounts. You’ll want to keep up with their future releases.