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EDM.com Spotlight

LOUDPVCK Pushes Boundaries With New Single "Gone" [LISTEN]

A couple weeks ago, Porter Robinson tweeted that “there is almost nothing exciting going on in electronic music right now.” The tweet has since been deleted, and while I don’t entirely agree with him, he’s got somewhat of a point.

We love hearing new, crazy sounds in bass music that we could never have imagined; it’s part of what drew us to the music in the first place. Unfortunately, however sometimes a trend will catch on and blow up, only to die out as quickly as it burst into the scene because it starts to sound stale (R.I.P tropical house, big room house). It’s because of this that we need innovators to continue to try new things and be creative so that us bassheads of the world can continue to get that new music high we all chase so much. That’s where people like LOUDPVCK come in.

NYC hip hop producer Kenny Beats and LA electronic producer Ryan Marks met while attending Berklee College of Music. In 2012 they started performing together and became LOUDPVCK. Since then the duo have collaborated with the likes of Zeds Dead, NGHTMRE, and 12th Planet, who have helped to develop their sound considerably along the way. Last September, they released their single “Click Clack” with NGHTMRE, which was not only was it their best track to date (in my opinion) but it was the start of a new LOUDPVCK.

Since the release of “Click Clack,” every song released by the duo, including their remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Paris” has been an incredible display of the progression and evolution of their sound. Not only does every song hit hard, but they all sound unique; not only to LOUDPVCK but in each song’s individual right. The group’s latest release, “Gone” is no exception.

The track is the hardest hitting track we’ve seen since last year, and almost sounds like a sequel their last release, “More Than I Can Take.” It also shares an intoxicating, powerful female vocal with the last release played over a seductive bassline. More than anything the track showcases LOUDPVCK’s incredible sound design. Part of what makes it incredible and why we need producers like them is because of their complex ability to highlight new and innovative sounds that haven't been done before.

Bottom line is it bangs. It seems they really solidified their sound with “Click Clack,” and now we’re starting to see it develop and advance in their own way, and it sounds great.