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EDM.com Spotlight

We're More Than Okay With Manila Killa's and AOBEATS New Single "I'm Okay"

Manila Killa, one of the founder member of Moving Castle collective and one-half of Hotel Garuda released his latest track on Friday.

Collaborating with LA artist, AObeats, “I’m Okay” also features sultry vocals by Shaylen that will have you turning the radio way, way up.

This isn't the first time that Manila Killa and AObeats have worked together, the duo have previously collaborated with Robokid on “Helix 2.0” as well as on Hotel Garuda's remix of Corona's iconic 90's dance anthem “Rhythm of the Night.”

“I’m Okay” begin with melancholy lyrics from Shaylen’s flawless vocals. Through a combination of pulsating synths, the track begin to slowly builds up until it drops with a warm bounce of bassline accompanied with kicks and vocal chops. The entire track won’t disappoint future bass fans, it is a great balance between delicate/sweet chords and thundering drops.

Both Manila Killa and AObeats are one of the co-founders/producers of Moving Castle, the internet collective turned into a label. Through Soundcloud, the crew has been putting out tons of tracks in this past year alone. From bootlegs to fire singles that often accompanied with upbeat pop vocals, Moving Castle is an exciting and innovative crew in the game right now.

Keep an eye on Manila Killa, AObeats and the rest of Moving Castle crew as they will keep releasing cool track after track.

Photo courtesy of Amber Park