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Revisit The Chainsmokers 11 Best Remixes [LISTEN]

Love them or hate them, The Chainsmokers are one of the biggest names in not only electronic music, but American music culture as a whole.

In a little less than five years, the duo of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have gone from New York club circuit favorites to prepping for a nationwide arena tour and the release of their debut album Memories… Do Not Open.

With all of the mainstream success many of the duo’s newer fans may be completely unaware that before Roses and Closer The Chainsmokers made a reputation for absolutely dominating the Hype Machine charts with catalogue of world class remixes of artists ranging from The Killers to Adventure Club. While there is a distinct difference in sound design from their remix days compared to their current sound, there are clear elements in their remixes that can still be heard in any newer production from The Chainsmokers. So ahead of the release of their debut album on April 7th, let’s look back at some of Alex and Drew’s all time best work.

11.) Cash Cash - “Take Me Home”

This rework of “Take Me Home” takes the original and electrifies it with upbeat synth and driving percussion, transforming it into an instant sing along banger. The remix successfully develops into something entirely unique and compliments the vocals of Bebe Rexha as well if not even better than Cash Cash’s original.

10.) Chromeo - “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)”

The original version of this song is fantastic on it’s own and has an undeniably funky feel to it. Yet The Chainsmokers fit even more into an already great production and create something surprisingly different from the original leading with a dark piano riff before building into a lushly hard hitting synth pattern that transforms the song from a funk ballad to an infectious dance track.

9.) Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne - “Real Love”

This remix deviates from many of the other Chainsmokers remixes due to it’s entirely unique production. With classic house influences and a head turning drop that is best placed somewhere between trap and future house, the remix could technically be considered a downtempo track but don’t confuse down tempo for soft as this song packs enough bass to effortlessly dominate a room.

8.) Adventure Club - “Wonder”

When The Chainsmokers remixed their friends from Adventure Club they gave new life to “Wonder” taking the melodically somber original and infusing it with an uplifting synth arrangement that culminates in a massive drop dripping with glitchy vocals and progressive house influences.

7.) NONONO - “Pumpin Blood”

One of the most sonically impressive remixes done by The Chainsmokers, “Pumpin Blood” starts softly with a simple piano riff accompanying vocals that progressively build into perfectly unified bass and synth lines tying together the whole song seamlessly. This song truly showcases Alex and Drew’s ability to take a song and make it their own with through their unique productions and eclectic ear for music.

6.) Foxes -”Holding On To Heaven”

This remix of “Holding On To Heaven” effortlessly complements the emotionally dynamic vocals of Foxes by carefully balancing soft bouncing synths lines with a driving cascade of progressive riffs accompanied by orchestral elements borrowed from the original production. Ironically this remix foreshadows The Chainsmokers future work with other high profile female vocalists like Halsey, Phoebe Ryan, and Daya.

5.) Smallpools -”Dreaming”

Even four years after it’s release this fan favorite is still a staple of every Chainsmokers set and it’s not hard to understand why. Despite being one of the earlier productions by the duo there is little that this remix lacks, the vocals of Smallpools’ singer Sean Scanlon are the focal point of the track and the assisting elements of the production work to build a euphoric feeling around the whole track that hits its apex when Scanlon sings “Please God Tell Me We’re Dreaming” as the song drops in an energetic frenzy of rapid fire synths.

4.) Josef Salvat -”Open Season”

The reimagination of “Open Season” takes the smooth sultry vocals of Josef Salvat and builds an incredible soundscape to compliment them. The remix is an interesting change of pace compared to many of the duo’s other remixes and delivers a profoundly atmospheric production that deserves to be heard.

3.) Anna Of The North- “Sway”

“Sway” is undoubtedly one the truly special remixes by The Chainsmokers and is also a fairly important song in their discography. Inconspicuously “Sway” would go on to stylistically guide the duo’s original productions, introducing many of the signature elements that can be heard in more recent releases. Despite being a downtempo song “Sway” retains many of the dance club characteristics featured on other Chainsmokers remixes and works as well in a club settings as your headphones.

2.) Jonsi -”Around Us”

At face value anyone familiar with Jonsi would understandably be concerned that a remix of his music wouldn’t be able to do justice to the breathtaking vocals. This isn’t the case with The Chainsmokers remix of “Around Us” which finds the perfect balance between their signature synth arrangements and the original elements of the song. What results, is a hauntingly beautiful track that while undoubtedly electronic in nature manages to perfectly incorporate the original string compositions and the chilling vocals of Jonsi. This song firmly stands as one of The Chainsmokers strongest overall productions to date overshadowing even some of their originals works.

1.) Say Lou Lou -”Julian”

This remix is bound to induce a sense of euphoria for any long time Chainsmokers fan, while rarely played in their live sets these days, “Julian” was once the staple of every Chainsmokers set in the pre “Selfie” era. The soft synths play perfectly with the original vocals of the track and it creates an infectious feel good vibe that stays with you long after it’s over. While “Julian” may not be as crisp or fully thought out as some of The Chainsmokers other remixes it is a song that through the years has remained a favorite of old and new fans of The Chainsmokers alike and for that reason deserves the number one spot.

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