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Dabin Unveils Uplifting Soundscapes on Debut Album 'Two Hearts' [LISTEN]

Last week, Dabin has released his debut album “Two Hearts."

The melodic adventure is filled with surprises and perfectly placed guest vocals. From the feel good vibes of “Hold" feat Daniela Andrade to the deep dark bass of "Lilith" feat. Apashe & Mandi, the album explores numerous spectrums. The albums also very collaborative heavy with only 3 tracks that don’t feature any additional artists. Take a listen to Dabin’s very first album in full below!

Dabin has come a long way fast in his production career, but it's not surprising knowing that he grew up playing music and performing. Dabin plays multiple instruments and is classically trained, which have clearly translated well into his production skills. The tracks on the album have a great diversity to them and was a joy to go through the whole album. Check out what Dabin had to say about the release below!

The Kannibalen Records artist has done an impressive job putting forth a real effort in creating a memorable set of tracks in “Two Hearts”. Dabin has worked with numerous major labels including having releases with Monstercat, Dim Mak Records, Virgin EMI, AEI Media and Tasty Records. Dabin has a long career ahead and is considering a physical release for the album through a potential vinyl. Support Dabin and the album "Two Hearts" through here:

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