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Shortly After Being Named #10 Club in the World, BCM Planet Dance Shuts Down

One of the biggest draws to dance music is the escape that it can provide its fans. Whether it’s a club, festival or event, fans will flock to and support any show that can provide a sincere feeling of escapism. That’s why many fans and supporters are vocal about clubs when they find themselves closing their doors. But in the case of two popular nightclubs on the Spanish island of Mallorca, their closings aren’t related to profit loss.

The two clubs, BCM Planet Dance and Tito’s, are closing for a number of reasons but the biggest reason why could be that the owner of both clubs is in prison. Bartolomé Cursach is a well known nightlife entrepreneur and owner of both clubs and according to Diaro de Mallorca, has been in a Spanish prison since March 3rd and has been charged with a variety of counts.

Some of the charges against Cursach include extortion, money laundering, bribery, crimes against workers rights and homicide. Two of Cursach’s employees were also arrested after Spanish authorities conducted investigations on different properties that were owned by Cursach.

Bartolomé Crusach leaving court on March 3rd, courtesy of Majora Daily Bulletin

Among other reasons, the clubs’ closures are also related to building infractions. To be specific, local inspectors found problems with recent work done to the building that houses BCM Planet Dance and it expedited the clubs closure. Tito’s had a similar issue as a court order forced the club to close after discovering that the club had poor fire and evacuation measures. This is an area often overlooked by many casual club goers and it’s a very important measure for club owners to maintain.

Between the building issues and overwhelming criminal charges, it became impossible for both of these popular nightclubs to stay open. This is especially disappointing in the case of BCM Planet Dance, as the club has been ranked one of the best nightclubs for years and was recently ranked #10 in 2017 by DJ Mag. It’s an unfortunate turn of events for this popular club and something that will disappoint a lot of fans worldwide.

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Cover photo courtesy of GoEurope.info