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EDM.com Spotlight

It Can Be Done: Moby Discusses Life as a Sober DJ

In a short interview he recently gave for Thump, long-time dance music veteran, Moby, discussed life being sober and being a DJ.

Being sober for eight and a half years now, and more than competent to discuss the topic, the legendary musician from New York City said sobriety has a lot of advantages.

"Almost too many to list: no crippling hangovers, no unspeakably terrible 3 AM decisions, no missed flights, no hotel room misery, no 7 AM teeth grinding insomnia."

Still, sometimes it can still be a challenge.

"In the early part of the night when everyone's on their second drink, sometimes. But by the end of the night when everyone's feral and on their 10th or 20th drink, sobriety seems like the best decision I've ever made."

In the end, he spoke about the way of keeping track with sobriety “by thinking of the few thousand times I wasn't sober and ended up hungover and wanting to die.”

He is not the only sober featured in the DJ in the article, follow the link to read more personal experiences from Rebekah, GENG, Tommie Sunshine, Joe Bermudez, Kill Frenzy, Will Clarke, and Lucy.

H/T: Thump