EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Danny Avila Talks about New Remix and More with EDM.com [INTERVIEW]

We got the chance to chat and see what’s been going on with the flowy-haired Spanish sensation, Danny Avila.

Hot off of the release of his new remix of Tiësto's "On My Way," we had a chance to talk to the 22-year-old producer about his journey from a 12-year-old bedroom producer creating music as an after school activity, to performing at some of the largest festival's across the world. Aside from being incredibly humble, Danny Avila knows that he is very fortunate to be able to do the thing that he loves the most: perform music in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Check out our EDM.com exclusive interview below and get to know this young international DJ star.

EDM.com At the young age of 12 you picked up your first set of decks and started DJing, what was it that drew you to music then and what keeps you drawn to it now?

Danny Avila: At that age it was the activity itself and that cool feeling that comes along with it. It’s hard to describe it, to be honest. There’s a peculiar but potent attraction coming from the entire activity of djing, that I was drawn to from the first time I saw someone DJ. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that boys are drawn to technical things from the early ages on and anything that can create attention. I was extremely excited about this and it became my #1 hobby within days. Then, of course, the feeling and attraction to music starts to evolve and then you start to really understand what’s going on behind the decks. I mean, I heard a lot of music before, especially dance music, and being abl e to put the tracks together in a continuous mix is a dream come true.

I have to say it is still the same feeling like back then, when I step behind the decks. I still feel the excitement. And even after thousands of hours of djing, I can never get enough of these moments when you start with your first track, then again when you get the crowd to be really pumped about what you’re doing and, of course, the grand finale. It is that addictive to me.

What was it like as a kid traveling to America and immediately dropping beats at some of the biggest music festivals in the country like Coachella, Ultra, and EDC Las Vegas?

Indescribable! I remember the first time I played on a festival. The whole experience is completely different from a club show, at least for me back then. All of a sudden there are these massive sound system s that shake the stage, thousands of raving people who want you to deliver so they can have fun. And the people around you telling you to stay cool, showing you to go on stage, giving signs to others, that you’re about to start. All this is very exciting for a young DJ. Fortunately, I was able to actually stay cool and get into the music after just a few moments of incorp orating the whole atmosphere. And from there on out it is just so invigorating to see so many people partying along with you and your music.

What advice would you give to all of the aspiring DJs and producers out there that are trying to dive into the EDM industry currently?

Find something that you really like and that you see yourself performing. It’s super important that you want to play your music yourself. And if it happens to be the same music everyone else plays, maybe go ahead and look for that one thing that makes you stand out, a sound, a way of arranging your music, a very unique bass or percussion. That’s what makes the difference in the end.

Do you ever get nervous before big performances? If so, what do you do to help calm your nerves?

Rarely. Being nervous was never really a problem, at least it didn’t show for me. Fortunately, there were no moments where that kind of tension prevailed and affected me. Nowadays, if I’m nervous I try to think of what could possibly go wrong and think about what I’d do then. By the time I’m done thinking about that, I already started with my set and forgot what I was thinking about in the first place, haha.

What has been your most memorable performance/thing that has happened to you on stage? Why?

There was a huge festival in my home country of Spain, which I was super excited about and where I wanted to give the be st performance of my life. I prepared everything with a lot of care. I knew a lot of people who attended the festival and I knew they would be paying close attention to what I do. I wasn’t nervous, but I just wanted to deliver. And then, as you can imagine, everything went wrong. It started with one of the CDJs giving up life after a few moments into the set. That stuff happens, I have experienced that on other occasions as well and it did not mess me up. However, when the second CDJ stopped working, I did get very nervous, because, you know: What are the odds? Then, you find yourself in a situation, where you know there’s only one more CDJ to go, if that one fails, then you only have one pl ayer left and that’s it. Talking about it now makes me laugh, but I was getting furious back then and had the feeling no one was able to help. And, of course, the third player also lost it’s will to live any longer and I was stranded with one player. I was looking left and right, but the stage manager was as overwhelmed by the situation as I was. So, I tried my best with one CDJ, used the roll function to loop stuff and select new track to mix. Thanks to the amazing technical advances of Pioneer’s CDJs and Mixers, you can actually play with one CDJ and put different sig nals to various channels of the Mixer and continue to mix. The only good thing about this was, that my friends told me it was an awesome set afterwards, that saved my day, haha.

Tiësto has been a partner for you since the start of your career, even referring to you as “The Spanish super talent”, how did it feel to finally work on a remix for one of his songs?

It was an amazing feeling, of course. Tiësto and I go way back, like you said. He was one of the first guys to support me back in the days, we played a lot of shows together and even toured together. This relation continued and we’re still in great contact. When I heard his single I really wanted to get my hands on it and he immediately liked what I did.

What sounds and influences do you like to incorporate into your songs and remixes? Which ones do we get to see in your new Tiësto remix to “On My Way”?

I love those big fat synths, that fill every venue into every last corner. That’s what I did on the remix as well. That big, roaring sound and that’s what I did in the remix and Tiësto loved it right away as well. I also like deeper sounds, percussive samples that create rhythmic patterns. For me that’s also something I really love.

Any final words to the fans out there?

As always, I feel very fortunate for each and every one of them. They are the reason I can do what I love to do and I’m eager to do everything possible to give back to them.

Check out Danny's new remix to "On My Way" here.