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EDM.com Spotlight

Dance Music Legend Paul Oakenfold to Tackle Mt. Everest Performance

Three-time Grammy-Award nominated trance legend Paul Oakenfold is deciding to push the limits of concert venues further than any producer before.

On April 11, the dance music legend will perform at Mt. Everest’s Base Camp, climbing 17,500 feet to become the first DJ to ever play a show at such an altitude. Oakenfold has collaborated with artists including Pharrell Williams, Grandmaster Flash, Nelly Furtado, Ice Cube, and has music credits from films and tv shows such as The Matrix Reloaded and Pirates of the Caribbean, but this Everest performance will be his toughest challenge yet.

While the majority of us would love to be at such a legendary performance, climbing Everest poses its own problems, so Oakenfold’s show will be available on live stream via his Facebook page. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the godfather of dance music kick off his world tour atop the highest mountain on Earth!

Oakenfold will follow his Everest show with a performance in Kathmandu, Nepal then return to play in the states, Colombia and Germany, the UK, Ireland and Belgium through the summer and early fall. See full tour dates below.

4-11 Base Camp, Mt. Everest
4-13 Kathmandu, Nepal
4-28 Cleveland, OH
4-29 St. Charles, MO
5-6 Houston, TX
5-12 Toronto, ON
5-13 Ottawa, ON
5-18 Washington, DC
5-19 Milwaukee, WI
5-20 St. Charles, MO
5-27 San Francisco, CA
5-28 Austin, TX **
6-10 Chicago, IL
6-23 Blackpool, UK
6-24 Brighton, UK
6-25 Bloemendaal, Netherlands
7-13 Bogota, Columbia
7-14 Cali, Columbia
7-15 Medellin, Columbia
7-27 Ibiza, ES
7-29 Boom, Belgium
8-2 Ibiza, ES **
8-9 Ibiza, ES **
8-16 Ibiza, ES **
8-23 Ibiza, ES **
8-25 Nuerburgring, Germany
8-27 London, UK
8-27 Daresbury, UK
10-7 Belfast, Ireland
10-14 Liverpool, UK

** Generations Residency