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EDM.com Spotlight

Wolfgang Gartner & Aero Chord Get Wild On "Borneo" [LISTEN]

Monstercat newcomer and experienced producer, Wolfgang Gartner, has teamed up with the groundbreaking Aero Chord to produce the tribal single known as “Borneo.”

The collaboration released on the 7th seeks to find a dynamic blend between the high energy style Aero Chord is known for with the unique tour de force style made by Wolfgang Gartner.

Wolfgang shared his thoughts about heading to the studio with Aero Chord:

“Both of us already knew how to merge our two sounds, we both had the same concept for the track going back and forth between fast-paced and half-time, and that this was the best way to incorporate our individual footprints. The result is something that neither of us would have made alone, and is really unique in that it can't be confined to a genre. I honestly wouldn't know where to file it, but I think that's what makes it refreshing.

Wolfgang Gartner or otherwise known as Joey Youngman may be a newcomer to Monstercat, but he's surely not a newcomer to electronic music. Joey transferred to the moniker Wolfgang Gartner and began to dominate the Beatport charts in 2009. His album Weekend in America helped to inject progressive and electro house into the consciousness of the main stage dance floor. This led to much success and even a Grammy nomination for Best Remixed Recording (Non Classical) Category in 2010.

Working with Grecian producer Aero Chord helps to pair their two dynamic styles into a fresh new sound on "Borneo." No stranger to Monstercat, 25-year-old Alex Vlastaras has been making a name for himself in the future trap game. With the success of his single "Surface," it's no surprise that "Borneo" is the result of a powerful 'meeting of the minds' from these two producers.