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EDM.com Spotlight

Celebrate Eptic’s Birthday With 7 of His Best Bangers

Belgian bass prodigy Michaël Bella, better known by his artist name Eptic is really, really, really good at producing some of the best bass music in the game.

One of the stars of SKisM’s award winning Never Say Die Records along with names like Zomboy & MUST DIE!, Eptic has become one of the most well respected artists in the dubstep world since coming onto the scene with his debut release “Like A Boss EP” in 2012.

Today he is celebrating his 24th birthday and in honor of that, here are 7 of the best Eptic releases to date

7.) “Swords & Dragons”

Straight off of the “Overlord EP” this track showcases one of the most aggressively dynamic drops in the entire EPTIC catalogue.

6.) “The End”

While this song is better known for it’s festival trap remix by Carnage, the original is a spastic masterpiece that changes BPM’s on a dime and in turn keep listeners on their toes for the entire length of the track.


This is no such thing as a one dimensional track by EPTIC and “GUN FINGA” is no exception, the number of rapid fire synths and ground shaking bass lines this guy can manage to fit into a 3-minute track is nearly incomprehensible.

4.) “Space Cats”



Honestly when you hear “Mastermind” for the first time it’s pretty hard to believe that anybody in the world can make a heavier buildup than EPTIC.


This song truly highlights the ability of EPTIC to create deep and rich soundscapes that break the creative mold while still integrating his signature sound, “LEVEL MIDNIGHT” is difficult to classify purely as dubstep, maybe deep dubstep would be more appropriate but it doesn’t really matter because it’s EPTIC’s world and we’re just living in it.

Cover photo courtesy of Jacob Tyler Dunn and Relentless Beats